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Nisarg Jagar Prathisthan is basically working for the pre-environment people and students. Nisarg Jagar Prathisthan is widely focus on various issues like Environmental Education, Eco-treks, Monitoring, Advocacy, consultancy services, research activities, Exhibitions, seminars, and implementation of different environmental projects, women related projects, tribal’s and students.

Nisarg Jagar Prathisthan has organized different activities at Pune as well as district level with the help of volunteers and members. We have expert team of researchers for deciding strategic movements in the field of environment. We are finding solutions for different environmental problems for sustainable development. We are promoting people for Eco-club membership for eco friendly life.
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To be known as an Organization for effectively bringing about Environmental Awareness & contributing directly at the grassroots levels across India and aiding in reducing the carbon footprint
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  • To create awareness across India through multi-pronged initiatives directly spreading awareness at mass levels through various media.
  • To create a network of branches capable of disseminating information locally and working independently and working towards the Vision.
  • To be a database of Organizations and people aligned towards one goal.
  • To be recognized as a means to spreading Environmental related research and create a database or knowledge base of such initiatives.

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Aim & Objectives

To strengthen the society for environmental awareness and conservation for the sustainable development.

Identify the business initiatives that will deliver the greatest benefit in support of the strategic direction

  • To conduct one day nature excursion for students, Professionals and general public.
  • To conduct Nature Orientation Camps for students, Professionals and general public.
  • To conduct slideshows on various facets of nature to spread the message of Nature Awareness.
  • To run Natural clubs in various schools, institutes and colleges.
  • To conduct indoor activities like lectures, group discussions in order to spread the message of Nature conservation.
  • To conduct public involvement activities like plastic collection drives, tree plantation activities individually or in association with other like minded organization or forest department.
  • To organize few events to raise funds.
  • To publish nature related products like leaflets, booklets, books magazines, stickers, CD’s Audio-Video cassettes.
  • To prepare documentaries with other likeminded organizations.

NGP, Pune was established in 2004, Primary objective of Environment Section is to improve public awareness and understanding of the environment with a view to promoting the conservation and sustainable use of nature and natural resources, leading to a better environment and a better quality of life.

Environment section undertakes demonstration projects in education, communication and development that endorse attitudes, strategies and technologies which are environmentally sustainable.

It has carried many environmental programme and activity , such as conservation of local Biodiversity, Trekking, Nature Camps ,Bird watching camp, Snake handling training , awareness and action plan for Vermicomposting, Tree plantation, Biogas for electricity generation, Beekeeping, Jaljagar – Programme (Water harvesting and management) and social health and cleanliness programme.

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Sr. No. Name of the Staff Qualification Designation Email Id & Cell No.
Mr. Prasad Magdum M.Sc. B.Ed. Head of

+ 91 9922414822

2 Mr. Chandrakant Bhosale Civil Engg. Civil Engineer

+91 9423032577

3 Mr. Ranjit Virsen Taware Civil Engg. Environmental Engg.

+91 9860027928

4 Mr. Ranjit Dhanane Peon

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Dr. Mahesh C. Gaikwad President
Dr. Suvarnsandhya C. Dhumal Vice President
Mr. Sanjay Tatasaheb Nimbalkar Secretary
Dr. Chandrashekhar A. Dhumal Treasurer
Dr. Vishakha Shasikumar Korad Trustee
Mr. Shamrao Ramchandra Pawar Trustee

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